Living the dream: Marie-Claire of Dream Magic Superfood Powders

Falling in love with a daily dose of spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass turned Marie-Claire’s life around – so much so she’s just released her first book!  

“I had a terrible relationship with food. I smoked, I drank way more than I should, I didn’t exercise on a consistent basis, and I didn’t like myself very much.

“I had no real toolkit for keeping my mental and physical health in a good place.

“I felt tired and anxious most days. I lived for the weekends, for holidays from work and for getting away from normal day-to-day life.

“While I was grateful to have a loving family and great friends, I just didn’t feel I was living life to the full.

“But something clicked when I was pregnant with my twin girls. I decided I wanted to feel amazing every single day.

“So, shortly after they were born, I left the corporate world I had worked in since leaving high school and retrained as a fitness coach. I then qualified as a life coach and yoga teacher.

“But the turning point was creating Dream Magic Superfood Powders. I started to feel happy, content, in-flow and have never looked back.”

Marie-Claire is now passionate about making her unique range of superfood powders available to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Her five blends, which are super-charged with a range of health-boosting nutrients, are:

Dream Magic Green – to support immune function, hormone health as well as maintenance of normal skin and protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Dream Magic Red – for immune function and supporting perimenopusal and menopausal symptoms, as well as supporting the adrenal glands.

Dream Magic Blue – helping with hydration, sleep, and reinforcing the immune and nervous system.

Dream Magic Black – for energy, mental clarity and focus, and helping the body adapt to stress.

Dream Magic Gold – a natural anti-inflammatory for immune support, and to help with the regulation of the stress hormone, cortisol.

“My first love on my superfood journey was a green blend. Eight years ago, before I started taking it, I was feeling tired, hormonal, lacking focus and was on the brink of burnout.

“I had three young kids and had left the corporate world to start up my own business as a fitness instructor – which pushed sleep and proper nutrition into the “nice to have” box rather than it being made a priority.

“Looking back on this time, I realise I was emotional, stressed, anxious and not living my best life.

“Then a friend suggested I try a green superfood blend – and I’m so thankful that I did.

“Within a month of me taking it, I had much more energy, was sleeping better and my mental clarity started to return.

“Thanks to this improvement, I had the space and strength to implement further changes – and prioritising sleep was one of them.

“I’ve been hooked on superfood powders ever since and this passion presented me with an opportunity to make a business out of creating different blends.

“I started off by creating a green blend and now also have red, blue, black and gold blends in the range, which I even offer on a subscription basis.

“My kids even take their ‘magic’ every day in their orange juice!”

Sadly, Marie-Claire and her sister had to close the doors of their Dream Fitness gym in Bathgate due to lockdown, but they have diversified to offer fitness sessions and coaching online and have utilised the time for personal growth.

In fact, it’s helped Marie-Claire embrace her love of writing and publish her first book.

“My book is called It Is What It Is – Universal and Everlasting Lessons from Lockdown, which documents my experience of lockdown.

“Rather than despair over the restrictions and drastic changes to day-to-day life, I chose to view lockdown as a learning experience.

“I decided to go deep within and find the silver lining in an unexpected situation.

“I not only share my coaching toolkit, but my loving heart as I walk the reader through the days of home schooling, learning to livestream on social media, mishaps with children and pets, and the importance of faith, self-acceptance and, ultimately, self-love.”

Marie-Claire has also used the time to embrace open water swimming and explore the countryside. She sets a daily intention to feel buzzing with energy and vitality.

“My mission in life is to enable people to be their best and feel their best – every single day.

“My sister and I are also looking forward to opening our doors to our lovely Dream Fitness clients again.”

Marie-Claire is an accredited life and quantum energy coach, co-owner of Dream Fitness, and the founder of Dream Magic Superfood Blends, which she sells and ships all over the world. Find out more here

You can also find her book, It Is What It Is, on Amazon.

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