Is ginger nature’s answer to period pain?

Scientists think they have discovered a new natural weapon in the fight against period pain

In a recent study, they looked at ginger’s effect on menstrual pain involving 150 young women taking a placebo, a medicated capsule or ginger.

Each of the participants took their ‘treatment’ for four days – from the day before menstruation started, to the third day of their menstrual bleeding.

It was found that the women taking either the capsules or the ginger had significantly less pain during their periods than those on the placebo – suggesting that ginger could offer a natural and effective way to help soothe period pain.

Why not try Natur Boutique’s Organic Ginger Tea, which is made from 100% pure, organic ginger? Its sweet, non-bitter taste is down to the way in which the ginger is grown.

It comes from plants grown without artificial fertilizers and pesticides in the warm tropical climate and fertile soils of Vietnam.

The conditions and the fact the roots are allowed to grow slowly and naturally gives them a sweeter flavour than normal, which lends them perfectly to making tea.

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