Sun, sea, sex and cystitis? Protect yourself from UTIs this Summer

After a year of lockdowns, Summer is finally here! But when do we finally do get the chance to travel, there’s nothing worse than being unwell. 

Urinary Tract infections (UTIs) affect more than half of women and many are especially affected during the Summer months.

UTIs can make Summer holidays a misery. After all, no one wants to spend their holiday looking for a foreign doctor to prescribe antibiotics.

The Summer months of June, July and August can increase your risk of getting a UTI. As the heat and humidity rise, it’s easier for germs to grow.

It’s also easier to lose fluids. if you don’t stay hydrated you could have a higher risk of getting a UTI.

With so many weddings cancelled, many people will be jetting off for honeymoons that couldn’t go ahead, or a romantic holiday abroad, and many women will experience “honeymoon cystitis” due to increased intercourse.

UTIs happen much more frequently in women who are sexually active (12.5% in age group 14-17 to 37.8% in those aged 18-24 and the chance of acute cystitis during the first 48 hours after sexual is as great as 60 per cent.

Another study has shown that 80% of UTIs in women occurred within 24 hours after sexual intercourse and that being ‘on top’ was the position which caused more frequent UTIs. 

Lubricated condoms have also been shown to increase the odds of getting a UTI by 29%, and spermicide cream or gel with unlubricated condoms also increased risk of first time UTI. 

Condoms have also been shown to trigger UTIs through an allergic reaction to the latex rubber.

Thankfully, UTIs are not contagious, and are completely preventable. Urinating frequently and washing gently with warm water before and after sex can help reduce the amount of bacteria present which may cause infection.

Dr. Gemma Newman is a specialist in holistic health, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. She recommends taking new URALIX – a recently-launche, patent-pending herbal supplement that contains natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients rather than antibiotics.

“Based on clinical research showing the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of its ingredients, URALIX could help prevent urinary symptoms when taken before and after sexual activity,” she says.

“The natural ingredients could also support other aspects of bladder and urinary tract health too.”

One more reason for the increase in UTIs over the Summer is alcohol. We drink more during the Summer – whether that’s more Pimms in the park or Sex on the Beach cocktails.

Alcohol is a serious bladder irritant – and especially fizzy sweet drinks such as Prosecco and Champagne, as these not only dehydrate, but cause urine to become acidic. 

If not enough liquid is flushing out the bladder or too much acidic liquid is passing through, bacteria can easily settle and multiply. 

Proper hydration and taking a supplement such as URALIX before and after drinking can help protect and prevent UTI symptoms after a night out or some ‘Sex on the beach’- cocktails or otherwise!

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