5 natural energy drinks that do what they say on the tin

Do natural energy drinks really do what they say on the tin? These ones certainly do. Why not switch out their caffeine-laden counterparts and go for the healthier option?


Crave’s three mouth-watering flavours are all based on popular cocktails – without a hint of alcohol (or caffeine) in sight.

Whether you choose Mint & Lime (Mojito), Passionfruit & Vanilla (Pornstar Martini) or Pineapple & Coconut (Pina Colada), they’re all equally refreshing.

The range is a perfect blend of natural and functional ingredients – developed by a sports nutritionist – expertly blended to help health-conscious consumers stay energised while supporting their immune system. Shop here


These BumbleZest sparkling water herbal drink combinations sound like they shouldn’t work, but they do – and the blends are genius!

Each can combines its own health-boosting properties, containing only natural, plant-based ingredients which are gluten, dairy, lactose and nut-free.

Choose from Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender; Yerba Mate, Matcha and Green Coffee, or Ginger, CBD and Turmeric. Each one is also blended with Lemon, Cinnamon and Maple. We challenge you to pick a favourite!

Browse the range here

Feel Good Drinks

Warning: These are seriously tasty.

An ideal thirst-quencher for in the sun, Feel Good Drinks is a range of 100% natural, fruitful sparkling waters which, thanks in part to its recyclable and plastic-free packaging, is being hailed as the UK’s first climate positive soft drink.

The flavours are truly delicious. Choose from Peach & Passionfruit, Rhubarb & Apple or Raspberry & Hibiscus.

Check them out here

Slow Cow

Dubbed a revolutionary “mind-cooling” drink, Slow Cow is designed to help calm and focus the mind.

After originating in Canada, the relaxation drink is now available to buy in the UK and is an icy infusion containing botanical extracts flavoured with dragon fruit and citrus.

The anti-energy drink has been described as “calm in a can” and, although it can be enjoyed anytime, it’s particularly recommended to help reduce anxiety in situations where it’s needed most, such as before exams, during busy work periods, after physical activity and in the evening after a long day.

Available to buy from Amazon.

Benefit Water

Benefit Water is, as you might have guessed, sparkling water with added benefits!

It’s 100% natural, with no added sugar and contains extra good stuff – perfect for a healthier Summer soft drink.

Available in cans which are perfectly portable for picnics and outdoor socialising, Benefit Water comes in three delicious body-boosting flavours: VITAMINS – Sparkling Lemon & Elderflower, blended with multivitamins to deliver 50% of your recommended intake of 12 key vitamins; FIBRE – Sparkling Apple with natural fibre, delivering 15% RDA (recommended daily allowance) of fibre, and ENERGY – Sparkling Mango & Coconut, blended with vitamins and minerals.

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