How The Game Changers inspired people to go plant-based

Plant-based is going viral. Here’s why…

The Game Changers movie, which has been out since 2019, is arguably the best and most influential documentary on the benefits of a plant-based diet.

With The Game Changers launch, Google´s search hits for plant-based and vegan-related terms skyrocketed.

Why? Not only is it a great movie, it helped viewers realise the following:

Protein from plant-based sources may be sufficient

Many people associate plant-based and vegan diets with being thin and underfed. “You are protein deficient is a commonly-held false notion about people who choose to go plant-based.

But research has long shown that plant-based foods are actually rich in protein – and that a plant-based diet may well be sufficient.

The China Study is a great example of extensive research done on the protein query, in which a strong argument is made that protein from plant-based sources is better than protein from animal-based sources.

Despite all this, the public perception is still negative regarding getting enough nutrients on a plant-based diet.

The Game Changers brings a fresh perspective, though, and it has been able to reach the biggest skeptics of plant-based diets.

The documentary shows that plant-based food has sufficient protein and in the right proportions. It also shows several examples that plant-based foods contain a higher quality protein than animal-based products.

Plant-based diets can actually be tasty

People are becoming more and more accepting of the research that’s presented to them.

There is a gradual acceptance that plant-based diets may actually contains sufficient protein. Not only that, it can enhance athletic performance.

Another big obstacle people have is the flavour of plant-based food. Many seem to think they would be deprived if they stopped eating meat and starting eating vegan. A common false perception is that vegans only eat salads!

When people eventually do give a plant-based vegan diet a chance, they are usually pleasantly surprised. They enjoy the range of colorful foods and the wide variety of options available.

Eating plant-based is easier than ever. There are several things you can do if you decide to switch to a plant-based diet.

There is the healthier version, also known as the whole food plant based diet.

And, for those who still have the urge to eat meat, there are plant-based alternatives such as the Beyond Burger or Impossible Foods.

Exciting times for those wanting to explore the depth of plant-based diets!

What if the world’s strongest man was vegan?

To the surprise of many, the world’s strongest man actually IS vegan.

Also, the fastest man on the planet (Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton) and some other top athletes, including Novak Djokovic, have taken to a plant-based way of eating.

They all share one thing in common: Competiting at the highest level for a long time. They attribute their success, in part, to their ability to recover.

It appears that recovery from an intense workout, race or game is enhanced on a plant-based diet compared to an animal-based diet. Game changer!


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