Smell training: The only therapy proven to restore and rejuvenate olfactory performance

According to latest data from smell disorder charity AbScent, nearly 4 million people in the UK are currently affected by smell loss – and ‘smell training’ is one of the only treatments proven to improve it

Smell training is the process of actively sniffing the same four scents every day – spending around 20 seconds on each scent with intense concentration. It’s said to be easy, safe, and recommended by doctors.

Anyone can do smell training if they would like to improve their sense of smell. 

Abscent founder Chrissi Kelly retains her lead role in developing scientific research to increase understanding of olfactory illnesses.

“Viruses, trauma and even dementia contribute to smell loss – and with disastrous repercussions for mental health, happiness, and relationships,” she says.

“There has been a remarkable surge in cases and many people are struggling to find help and support.

“That’s where we step in. AbScent has developed smell training kits to give people hope and help them retrain their sense of smell.” 

AbScent’s smell training kits are based on peer-reviewed research and their use is said to hasten recovery.

Like physiotherapy, smell training needs to be done regularly over an extended period, with four months the recommended timeframe.

One study has shown that smell training with more scents over a longer period may have even greater benefit.

AbScent’s smell training kits come in three varieties, or you can even build your own

You don’t need any magic ingredients to start smell training, but the AbScent kits have been created to make smell training easy, clean and reliable – and every purchase directly supports the charity’s work.

Choose from their Original Smell Training Kit, Trees Collection, or Squish Therapy Dough.

Find out more about how smell training works here.

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