5 ways to take CBD to support your endocannabinoid system

There’s now a whole host of ways to top up and support your endocannabinoid system with CBD. From tablets and powders to bath bombs and creams, here are a few of our favourites…

Tablets in a tin

CBD just got super-charged! Enter CB.Do – the world’s first Multifunction CBD tablet made with water soluble CBD powder. 

Choose between REST, PROTECT, ENERGISE and BOOST variations depending on your health needs.

My husband tried the REST variation and found it improved his sleep.

Launching soon!

Soluble powders

If you don’t like the typical, planty taste of cannabidiol, the new Mee CBD range is for you!

Named after pioneering conservationist Margaret Mee, the brand has launched a range of tasteless, water-soluble CBD powders, which can be easily added to smoothies, shakes and other foods and drinks.

Not only is the powder absorbed much quicker than typical oil-based carriers, its unique encapsulation formula means more CBD gets through the stomach and into the bloodstream – offering up to nine times the absorption of its liquid counterparts.

THIS is your daily ‘dose’ of natural feel-good – and also my personal favourite! I like to add the powdered sachets to my morning smoothie.

To try for less, use my editor’s exclusive discount code: LYNDA15 at the checkout.

You can also follow Mee CBD on instagram.

Premium cannabidiol oil

Using only first-class bio-dynamically grown hemp and the finest extraction and purification processes, Potyque premium CBD oil is designed to restore balance to busy lives and help you enjoy more of the moments that matter.

Ideal for frantic lifestyles, it was founded by Yorkshire-based Michelle Rust who turned to CBD after struggling with menopause symptoms.

Rather than taking conventional pharmaceutical treatments, she chose a more natural approach and CBD proved to be the answer.

I tried this as a natural solution to toothache while I was waiting for root canal treatment and it worked wonders.

Bath bombs

A steaming hot bath is one of the simplest self-care rituals. That’s why VAAY’s newly launched Lavender bath bomb spiked with CBD and Shea Butter is making huge waves in the wellness sphere. 

The Berlin-based company understands the importance of inner balance and peace and has created a capsule collection of hemp-based products to facilitate relaxation, sleep and recovery.

Its CBD bath bombs are enriched with handpicked lavender flowers and have a nourishing Shea Butter centre. Once they start to dissolve, their core of oils, butter and 100mg full spectrum CBD is released.

This bathbomb quite literally transforms your bathroom into an oasis of tranquility, leaving you internally and externally nourished. 

Visit the website here.

Janus CBD Bath Bombs combine proven aromatherapy with the natural effects of CBD.

Their unique, invigorating formula is infused with natural extracts which leave your skin feeling supple and smooth.

Each bath bomb contains 100mg of premium hemp-based CBD extract to elevate your bathing experience.

Flavoured tinctures

Janus also does a fantastic range of flavoured CBD tinctures in variations such as blackberry and peppermint.

This premium, organic and full-spectrum European CBD oil extract creates the ultimate tincture experience.

Each serving contains 50mg of CBD and an entourage of other terpenes and cannabinoids including CBG (cannabigerol) – designed to complement your everyday wellness routine.

Other benefits include helping to manage signs of common daily stress and anxiety, inducing a sense of calm, increased energy and improved focus, improved sleep and enhanced exercise recovery.

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