Order the new free cookbook that will help your family eat 5-a-day and reduce your obesity and cancer risk

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has launched a new cookbook to take the fuss out of mealtimes

The Family Flavours cookbook has been designed to help parents feel confident in making meals that are both tasty and nutritious.

It also focuses on making mealtimes fun by including lots of tips to get children involved in the cooking process.

The recipes have been created by a registered nutritionist to guarantee the meals provide a healthy balanced diet.

All the recipes also align with World Cancer Research Fund’s Cancer Prevention Recommendations.

With less than one in five children currently eating their recommended 5-a-day – and one in three children leaving primary school either overweight or with obesity – WCRF says it’s vital families have access to healthy, affordable, and easy-to-make meals and that children are encouraged to take an interest in mealtimes.

Studies show that children are more eager to tuck into something they’ve prepared themselves and take pride in seeing others enjoy their food.

Sidonie Sakula-Barry, Health Promotion Manager at WCRF said: “We wanted to design a cookbook that children were not only excited to eat from but that also inspired them to get hands-on. 

“Throughout the cookbook, we’ve included a ‘handy helper stamp’ and guidance on which steps children can safely get involved in.  

“There are various tips both for parents and children to make cooking in the kitchen a fun learning experience.

“Getting children excited about food at a young age, as well as giving them the practical skills to cook from scratch, can help instil healthy habits that they will take into later life.”

WCRF is giving away FREE copies between 26 July and 2 August and will cost 50p, including postage and packaging, thereafter.  

Mum-of-two Becky, who tested the recipes, said: “I was not expecting to like parsnip in a cake, but I really enjoyed this!

“And it was incredible to see there was no sugar in it. The easy green pasta sauce was incredibly green, and it was a good disguise of vegetables that my little one wouldn’t normally eat – like spinach.

“The ideas in the cookbook are great to show parents that kids can do more than they think. The recipes are great for the whole family and can really help you whip up something in the evening when you’re strapped for prep time.”

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