6 natural tips for regulating your menstural cycle

There are lots of female hygiene products on the market which claim to relieve you of cramps, uterine contractions, painful urination, burning sensation, nausea, and many other symptoms related to your periods

But when it comes to remedies, some of the best lie at home – in your kitchen cupboards. Keep it natural with some of our top suggestions:

1. Ginger Tea 

Ginger is a magic ingredient thanks to its beneficial properties against many diseases and health-related anomalies.

If you have a problem with irregular periods, for example, ginger tea can often work wonders.

The Gingerol present in ginger helps decrease inflammation in the body, while helping the uterine muscles contract.

It can also help restore hormonal balance.

Start your day with a glass of hot ginger tea, which promotes strong metabolism and can help combat bloating.

If it’s not quite to your taste, add a slice of lemon and half a spoonful of honey.

2. Turmeric 

Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and an age-old spice which people have really started to appreciate.

It can have a positive effect on period-related problems thanks, in part, to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Try it in a drink with warm milk and honey and let it do wonders for your system. 

3. Jaggery 

If you think jaggery is just a sugar substitute, think again.

Consuming jaggery regularly can help regulate your periods. It can also help relieve uterine cramps.

You should be able to find several over-the-counter menstrual health products containing ample amounts of jaggery as an active ingredient.

These herbal medicines work to relieve the painful symptoms of irregular periods and other female hygiene issues you may have. 

4. Aloe Vera 

Did you know aloe vera has immense cooling properties?

Regular consumption of aloe vera juice can help regulate your menstrual cycle and reduce excess weight.

Aloe vera juice works by balancing your hormones and treating menstrual irregularities.

It can also enhance your metabolism and clarify your skin. But, it’s advised NOT to use aloe vera during your periods. 

5. Cinnamon 

Who doesn’t love cinnamon? It’s one of those essential ingredients you just can’t live without.

But did you know it can get rid of your abdominal pain in a jiffy?

Yes, just a pinch of cinnamon in your green tea can help you chase away nausea and more.

6. Beetroot 

Now, this is a way to keep the cheeks pink and your hemoglobin level in check as well!

Beetroot contains a staggering amount of folic acid. It also contains a lot of iron which is healthy if you suffer from menstrual irregularity.

You can mix the juice of half a beetroot with orange juice or any other beverage of your choice. Consume it daily and reap the rewards.

Periods are a biological process. They start from the early age of puberty and can continue till the age of 50 for some women. Try these remedies and see how big of a difference they can make in your daily life. 


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