Having a bad day? Try the healing power of touch

Maggie Coleman of Time Out Therapy asks “How are you doing doing today?” If the answer is “Not so good,” she has a suggestion for you

Sometimes there’s a sense of sadness which works its way round your mind, body and emotions. It works its way into your very soul.

And, despite your best intentions towards being healthy, you become unwell.

It seems that no amount of positive thinking or joyful walks can lift your spirits. But I have a suggestion for you – and it costs nothing.

Try the healing power of touch.

When those jaggy, anxious thoughts start to poke fun at you; when those heavy bags of sadness pull you down; when you find yourself feeling lonely and out of touch, this is the time to get in touch (with yourself).

Make a pact with yourself that you are looking after YOU today.

If you feel weepy or down in the dumps, try patting your arm or your thigh. Say to yourself “Come on now; this is happening. I knew it would and it will pass.”

Try “There, there.” That lovely old fashioned, time-honoured way of making it all better.

Professional terminology talks about self-soothing and pacifying your inner child. But the thing is, folks, it actually does work.

The good thing about a reassuring pat is that it’s unobtrusive. You don’t need to go into full meditation position or zone out.

Best not to do the patting whilst driving though, let’s be sensible.

You may wish to follow up with some deeper relaxation sessions and receive the healing touch of a therapist.

Here at Time Out Therapy we encourage you to embrace relaxation.

Our approach is worldly wise and non-judgemental. One size does not fit all. We are all shapes and sizes; we breathe differently and we cope differently.

Please don’t be too hard on yourself if you think you are no good at relaxing. We can help with actual Reiki sessions or with distance healing sessions.

Our relaxation recorded sessions are free to listen to on Facebook and Podbean. These can help you to chill out and feel a little happier and contented. Our motivation is to help you heal and mend.

I launched Time Out Therapy in November 2020 to provide Reiki and relaxation therapy.

We think of healing as enabling a sense of peace and relaxation in mind, body and spirit, helping to soothe the strains and stresses of life. It’s a gentle and uncomplicated process of letting go.

With the help of friends and family, a lovely sanctuary was set up allowing me to work from home. And then coronavirus got worse and worse. Not to be outdone, we focused online.

The Sunday evening sessions became quite popular, helping folk keep chins up during COVID-19.

About 15 minutes of talking through some information about Reiki, chakras and mostly about feeling calm and balanced, these are on Facebook.

On You Tube there are some wee videos with nice music to help with anxiety and panic and help ‘keep the heid’.

Time Out Therapy is now trying out podcasts, these are available on Podbean.

During Covid we set up a website to promote our services and to sell gifts.

Family members (including octogenarian parents) became our production line making up the boxes, cutting lengths of cord and ribbon for the pendants, packing the gifts in tissue paper!

It helped to keep going through the “stay-at-home” days.

We love producing wee mindings to cheer folks up and we have designed inspirational and motivational cards, we match these up with pendants like the Angel of Kindness and the Spirit of Hope.

Therapy card sets are our latest adventure. Designed to be light hearted and encouraging. You can choose one each day, read the words and look at the wee image. Then take a moment to set your intention for the day.

There are 25 cards in the set plus the front and back cards. They come in a fabric bag, handmade from recycled duvets by Fran (my sister).

The cards are posted in a letterbox-sized box so there is no need for courier or for signing.

So how are you feeling now? Hopefully a little better. Hopefully a little more inspired to take care of
your most precious resource – yourself!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please keep in touch!

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