Could CBD help relieve your health anxiety?

If you feel under pressure to perfect every area of your life, you’re not alone

A new study commissioned by Dragonfly CBD reveals that 47% of people polled feel this way.

Forty-eight per cent said they feel more stressed today than they did a year ago.

Natural health expert Dr Tom Bond puts the rise in health ‘perfection’ down to the pandemic – with diet, sleep, stress levels, exercise and relationships all coming more closely under the spotlight. And social media may be adding to the pressure.

“We’re scrolling endlessly, comparing ourselves to the people on the screens in front of us,” he says.

In fact, the research has found how 28% of respondents feel pressure to look perfect, 21% feel pressure with how they look and 20% feel pressure as a partner.

It’s certainly no secret that anxiety has reached epidemic proportions in the UK.

Meanwhile, help for mental health conditions such as stress and anxiety can involve long NHS waiting times and limited resources.

Community pharmacist Sultan ‘Sid’ Dajani suggests we should look to over-the-counter solutions, such as CBD oils, which can reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety.

Studies have proven how CBD has been shown to reduce conditioned fear and anxiety.

There’s even evidence to suggest that treatment with CBD before simulated public speaking reduced anxiety in speech performance.

This 100% organic, science backed solution comes from the hemp plant, known as Cannabis Sativa L.

But it’s important to note that CBD doesn’t induce the ‘high’ often associated with cannabis as it’s free from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Top female British skier Chemmy Alcott swears by the benefits of Dragonfly CBD after introducing the supplement to her daily diet – citing its seed to shelf attributes as a major positive.

“I feel like I am giving my body the best I can so I can be the best I can be,” she says.

“Plus, it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to rely on taking pharmaceutical medicines.” 

New to the CBD sphere is Satipharm’s CBD Advanced range, starting with two products – Active and Focus, whose capsules include targeted vitamins to help safeguard your health.  

The Active capsules contain Satipharm’s patented CBD microbeads plus vitamins A, D, K and E. These vitamins have been specifically chosen to complement the CBD, for the effects they have on muscles, skin, bones and vision.

The Active capsules contain 200% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin D, which supports the functioning of the immune system. This ensures the body has adequate levels of vitamin D needed to produce the antimicrobial proteins that kill viruses and bacteria. 

The Focus capsules contain the CBD microbeads, plus a targeted selection of B vitamins to support mental performance, psychological function and the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.

B vitamins are necessary for creating neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, including serotonin and dopamine. Vitamin B6 also contributes to normal immune function. 

Jonathan Hartshorn, CEO of Satipharm, said: “Supporting the health of our minds and bodies is always important. Getting quality sleep, minimising stress and getting sufficient vitamin D are three simple ways to help our immune systems function well and fight infections.

“The launch of our Advanced Active and Focus products enables individuals to take the right supplements to support their mental and physical wellbeing.”

Satipharm’s CBD Advanced range is powered by their patented Gelpell® technology which protects the cannabinoids by embedding them in microspheres.

This Gelpell® technology has been clinically proven to increase the bioavailability of CBD, making Satipharm capsules the best way to take CBD.

Taking a Satipharm 10mg CBD capsule is equivalent to taking 3.5 times the dose (35mg) of CBD oil.

Find out more about Satipharm’s new products here

Meanwhile, Mee CBD has become the first CBD lifestyle brand to open doors to customers at Westfield London.

The move showcases just how much CBD has truly become a part of mainstream health and wellbeing.

Mee CBD takes its place on the floors of Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush alongside household names such as Boots, Holland & Barrett and The Body Shop. 

Its water-soluble supplement range is designed to support everyday wellbeing and has been selling online at to a growing community of loyal consumers.

It has now launched the retail space to provide an experiential and educational environment for sampling and conversations on CBD. 

Inspired by Margaret Mee, one of the original Amazonian environmental activists, the Mee Team is committed to finding ways for CBD’s future to be fully sustainable for people and planet. 

Mee CBD has created a CBD powder that will dissolve in anything water-based and can be refilled in store in a zero-waste container – the first CBD refillery of its kind. 

According to Mee CBD CMO Eleanor Coates: “It is vital to demystify CBD and be able to have an honest conversation around its benefits.

“Opening the doors in Westfield London and being able to share stories of our customer’s life-changing experiences in a face-to-face environment is a game-changer for us in the CBD and cannabis industry.

“There is so much false information and hyperbole surrounding CBD that to have a direct, honest conversation with your consumers is vital.” 

Andy Logan, Commercial Director of Mee CBD adds that the store was designed specifically to be a space for conversation and consultation around all things CBD.

“This was never just a shopfront for us, this was an important step in our mission at Mee to democratise CBD – as a young brand to be on the floor at London’s most popular shopping destination, amongst all these established names, is a clear statement of this intent; it’s a privilege to be here.” 

To try Mee CBD for less, use my exclusive code: LYNDA15

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