5 journals for an Autumn of self-discovery

Self-reflection is essential to understanding ourselves, what we want from life, and how we can go about achieving it

Allotting time to reflect on ourselves gets us out of our heads and allows us to examine our thoughts, actions and emotions neutrally.

This gives a much clearer picture of the way ahead, whether that be in our careers or our personal lives,

One stress-free way of incorporating self-reflection into our daily lives is through self-help books, journals and planners.

Reading and engaging with these texts can help you to make better choices, rise above your limitations and free yourself from negativity.

These five personal development journals will help you kickstart your journey of self-discovery this autumn and inspire you to be the best you can be!

Getting to know me better – Notebook Mentor

This career-focused journal is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd when you enter the job market.

With bitesize, expertly crafted self-reflection techniques this journal guides you through developing your own personal development plan to help you reach your potential.

This 160-page journal retails at £19.95 and can be found here

365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal – 21 Exercises

This journal helps on your journey to self-discovery by asking 365 eye-opening questions.

The prompts help you to discover your best self by clearing your thinking and reducing stress and anxiety in all areas of your life.

This journal is for anyone who wants to make their personal growth and reflection a daily habit. It retails for £19.99 and can be found here

Pocket Art: Your 100 Day Creative Journey – Lorna Scobie

This art journal flexes your artistic muscles by providing 100 prompts to boost creativity and confidence.

It encourages you to embrace mistakes, learn from them and have fun whilst doing it.

The prompts are divided into three categories:  art for relaxing, art for looking and art for inspiration so whatever your mood you can continue on your creative journey.

Pocket Art retails for £12.99 and can be found here

How to be wise AF – Erin King

How to be wise AF is a fun and light-hearted journaling experience.

The 30 writing prompts aim to help you rethink your experiences and see them in a positive light.

This journal allows you to connect more deeply to yourself in a simple and uplifting fashion. Classic self-help without the stress.

How to be wise AF retails for £7.51 and can be found here 

The Circle3 – The 3 Month Goal Setting Journal – The Circle Planner

The circle 3 is a more traditional planner with prompts for self-improvement geared towards a specific project helping to make your goals and dreams a reality.

This 3-month, undated project journal has plenty of space for your dreams and schemes and retails for £21 and can be found here 

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