10 healthy drinks to try instead of alcohol this month

Whether you’re going sober for October, having a bit of a detox, or just prefer not to drink, make this month a great excuse to try some of the new, healthier drinks coming to market

Specialist soft drink company and Scottish trailblazers Rapscallion Soda, for example, are on a mission to get people across the UK drinking better: ‘better ingredients, better tasting, better for you’. 

The Glasgow-based brewers who use fresh, natural ingredients to create delicious low-calorie soft drinks have launched their first subscription service.

Now the whole household can replace aspartame-filled diet drinks with sodas made from raw, vitamin rich ingredients every day.

Unlike other juices, Rapscallion doesn’t boil its fresh fruit ingredients, rectifying flavours with sweeteners or acids.

Its sodas are instead engineered by hand in small batches, delicately extracting flavour from Scottish fresh fruits by finding their ideal time, temperature and pressure point at which to draw the raw taste from the fruit into the liquid, elevating the flavour naturally.

Combined with just a small amount of raw organic sugar cane, carbonation then supercharges the aroma of the fruit juice, integrating layers of incomparable flavour which unravel as you crack open the can. 

Rapscallion makes sure its products avoid waste by utilising every part of the fruit in production.

The gentle ‘low and slow’ method of pasteurization maintains the characteristic properties of the fruit, creating sodas authentic to the fresh fruit ingredients within them, with zero preservatives or nasties added to the recipe. 

Subscribers can choose from a combination of three core soda flavours, all of which are raw, natural low-calorie takes on traditional soft drinks.

‘C_01 Ginga Ninja’ 

Fiery throat kick, this dry and hot drink has a clean finish. This is ginger beer but re-imagined for a modern palate. Made with cold-pressed ginger, lemon zest, cassia and pimento, vit C and organic raw sugar cane. 250ml, 48 calories.

‘C_02 Burnt Lemon’

Juicy and tart with a complex finish. Think lemon meringue pie without the mountain of sugar. Made with caramelised lemon zest, fresh lemon juice and coriander seed, vit C and organic raw sugar cane. 250ml, 40 calories.

‘C_03 Dry Lime’

Sharp as a tack. This drink is bitter, sharp with a full finish, almost like biting into a lime, minus the tequila chaser. Made with candied lime ring, fresh lime juice and kaffir lime leaf, vit C and organic raw sugar cane. 250ml, 38 calories.

“Rapscallion started making soft drinks in a Glasgow alleyway back in 2016. Our goal was simple: make the best tasting drinks possible without using artificial ingredients,”  says director Gregor Leckie.

“We’re making it easier to make a healthier choice on the regular by launching our first subscription service.

“We’re delivering sodas across the UK to those who are looking for a tasty as hell alternative to nasty drinks and mixers filled with artificial flavours.

“Customers who subscribe can also sign up to be part of our special Friends with Benefits group, that means exclusive access to our limited edition seasonal flavours and more fruity perks throughout the year.

“We care about what goes into our cans and our promise is to never use concentrates, preservatives, artificial flavours or colourings, or anything you can’t bloody pronounce or have to Google!” 

Luscombe Drinks is another great example and has been producing beautifully crafted drinks on a farm in Devon since 1975.

Founder and owner, Gabriel David, has become renowned for his pursuit of perfection and no compromise approach to creating an elegant and multi award-winning range of soft drinks that use the very finest organic ingredients.

Lovingly made by the Luscombe team on a farm in the Dartmoor valley, the drinks are blended from the finest organic fruits and Luscombe’s own source of Dartmoor spring water.

The range includes something for every occasion and every taste – from elegant alternatives to alcohol to delicious additions to mocktails and cocktails.

Raise a toast with a flute of chilled organic Damascene Rose Bubbly, for example, as an elegant alternative to Champagne.

Gently effervescent and delicately fragranced with a distinct yet subtle flavour, Damascene rose water is married with organic Muscat grape juice and Sicilian lemon and is part of Luscombe’s no added raw cane sugar range.

Bursting with sweet and succulent organic raspberries, Luscombe’s vibrant and fruity Raspberry Crush meanwhile is the perfect non-alcoholic substitute for rosé.

Extremely versatile, it’s a heavenly pairing with soft cheeses like goats cheese or brie and exquisite served with wintery game terrines, smoked duck and venison.

Muddled with basil and plenty of crushed ice, Raspberry Crush takes on a fragrant twist and is simply superb served at drinks receptions and parties. 

With warmth and spice, Luscombe’s authentic Hot Ginger Beer is a popular choice during the festive season.

A classic winter warmer which packs some punch, organic Hot Ginger Beer is crafted using only the best organic Peruvian fresh root ginger, Sicilian lemons and carbonated Dartmoor spring water, giving it a distinctive yet not overpowering heat. 

Savyll drinks were founded by “dinner party mixologist” Avnish Babla. When he became an expectant father, Avnish wanted a healthier lifestyle for himself and his wife, Diana.

Moderating alcohol consumption was important to him. But he soon discovered there was a limited choice of non-alcoholic drinks that weren’t overly sweetened or artificially flavoured.

Together with an award-winning beverage developer, Avnish turned his cocktail crafting passion into a mission to reinvent their alcohol-free namesakes, so anyone choosing to moderate or abstain can enjoy without compromise.

“I’ve always loved entertaining friends and family, and to experiment with new, unique cocktail ideas,” says Avnish,

“But after choosing to moderate my own alcohol intake when my wife became pregnant, like many people, I felt removed from the sense of occasion and sophisticated taste complexities of alcoholic drinks.

“As our branding suggests, we believe cocktails should be savoured to enjoy the intricate flavours.

“Savyll Cocktails are an alcohol-free reinvention of this principle, crafted with all of the exuberance, ambition and curiosities of cocktails so young and old, drinkers, moderators and abstainers can all enjoy the party.”

The range is vegan-friendly, gluten free and free from any listed allergens and artificial sweeteners.

Choose from Bellini – an effervescent fusion of rich white peach aromas, dry prosecco notes and aromatic bitters, the timeless G&T, made with delicate gin botanicals, hints of coriander, vanilla, sweet herbs, and smooth tonic bitterness – OR sip back on our Mojito – fresh mint, sharp lime juice, and sweet rum essence.

Rebelicious Drinks was set up by Cornish couple Tilly and Barry Avriam, who wanted to create a business that did good, and tasted good.

Not only have they created the first ever CBD-infused Cream Soda, but Rebelicious drinks are vegan, gluten free and eco friendly, so you can release your inner rebel, guilt and care free.

All their ingredients are ethically sourced and organically grown, root to leaf, bud to branch, fresh from Colorado, using fully recyclable packaging, with vegetable inks.

Five per cent of all their profits goes to selected environmental charities.

Most drinks cans are only 68% recyclable, and can contribute double the amount of greenhouse gasses than glass bottles.

Tilly and Barry wanted to create a company that would reduce this impact and be more environmentally friendly, whilst providing a more fun, unique and exciting option beyond the traditional soft drink.

And a Rebelicious single drink costs less than your daily coconut latte, allowing you to tick saving the world off your to do list!

“Cornwall is really starting to feel the pressure of climate change, with rising sea levels and increased intensity of both rain and drought,” says Tilly.

“We are both environmentalists, and wanted to create a business that did good, and helped both the local, and national communities.

“The product isn’t harmful to the environment, and the CBD is a little taste of something different.

“We want to use Rebelicious to inspire others to buy more consciously, and make changes that will help tackle climate change. We really do want to bring the eco-rebel out in everyone.”

Remember the old Mars adverts… helps you Work, Rest and Play? Well here’s the healthy option!

Mude drinks are designed to cater for every mood across the day, with an option for every physical or emotional demand.

Blends include Play, Work, Chill, Protect and Sleep.

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