Scotland leads the way in adrenaline-fuelled holidays

Action and adventure sports are becoming increasingly popular due to the excitement and adrenaline that people often get from doing them

Countries all across Europe have been making the most of this increased demand.

But new data has revealed that nearly two-fifths of the best adventure locations in the UK are in Scotland, making Caledonia the leading country in Britain for adrenaline-fuelled holidays. 

As part of its Adventure Index campaign, the broadband team at Uswitch analysed more than 2,000 adventure activities across 30 European countries, to determine the best locations for adventure sports.

When it comes to adventure sport in the UK, Scotland comes out on top, with 25 locations where both holidaymakers and locals can book an adrenaline-pumping activity online.

That’s nearly 40% (38.46%) of all of bookable UK activities. 

Kayaking on Loch Lomond

The country’s amazing coastline, high peaks, and dense, lush forests are just part of the reason Scotland is such an amazing playground for adventure-sport enthusiasts. 

Both Wales and England have 19 locations to book (29.23%), while Northern Ireland accounted for 3 per cent, with two locations. 

Table 1: UK countries with the most adventure activities 

CountryBookable Locations
N. Ireland2

The data goes on to show that Edinburgh is the best city in the UK for action and adventure sports, with 13 locations, meaning one in five of all adventure sports locations in the UK are in and around the city. 

It maybe goes without saying then, that Edinburgh is Scotland’s top city for adventure, with more than half (52%) of Scotland’s natural adventure sport locations.

Second is Fort William, with 7 locations – just under a third (28% ) of all in Scotland.  

Table 2: The best locations in Scotland for adventure activities

Fort William7
Highland Perthshire4

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