By women for women: Hormone heroines MOi + ME

Meet the new brand supporting endometriosis, PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) sufferers

Despite one in 10 women living with endometriosis, it takes on average eight years for it to be diagnosed.

It’s a chronic disease that brings with it severe, life-impacting pain during periods, sex, bowel movements and urination, chronic pelvic pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety, yet treatment has hardly progressed in 100 years.

Recently, however, doctors have started to recognise that menstrual cramps can be as painful as heart attacks and things are starting to change. 

Cue British brand MOi + ME, which is keen to support women everywhere with tools and tips and a high-quality, pure CBD product range that builds calm into everyday life. 

Co-founder Laura Walton, who has personally suffered with endometriosis, resulting in more than 15 surgeries, is an advocate for mental health and self-love.

She has developed a collection of products to help relieve the effects of endometriosis and PMDD, as well as more widely recognised PMS symptoms.

Co-founders Laura and Catherine

Laura is passionate about building a brand to help others like her and create a world that feels easier for like-minded people who can relate to her story.

After losing her mum suddenly in 2016, she struggled to cope but soldiered on to make the woman who was also her best friend proud.

Four months later, she went into hospital for a hysterectomy operation in an attempt to free her from the years of suffering that came with endometriosis.

But Laura had an allergic reaction to a drug which put her into cardiac arrest and she was declared dead for two minutes.

With damage to her chest caused by CPR, she went through testing to see what had caused the reaction and was told that the severity of the attack could have been impacted by dehydration.

Picking herself up, Laura formed an anxious attachment to making sure she always had water on her everywhere she went.

Now suffering with anxiety, the pain in Laura’s chest became unbearable. Then she discovered CBD.

Laura is now enjoying rolling out her own CBD product range in a bid to help others.

‘”I wanted to make sure we created products that had dual purpose by blending ingredients that were powerful and beneficial,” she says.

“Our Sleep Moment – ‘Temple Moment’ is blended with lavender known for its relaxing properties, evening primrose which is commonly used to relieve hormonal symptoms – and CBD which can help balance your system helping anxiety and pain.

“Meanwhile, our ‘Moment Balm’, is a self-heating tension balm and is great to relieve any tense parts of the body and the heat helps to relieve menstrual pain, allowing for a moment of calm from tension and pain.

“Our unique ‘Massage Candle’ is beautifully scented to help you relax and unwind. Once melted the CBD oil can be used anywhere on the body: The oil is hot, so again very relieving for pain.

“And finally, our ‘Moment Mist is curated with that moment in mind when you feel overwhelmed.

“It’s blended with peppermint and once sprayed directly into the mouth, helps engage the sense of smell and taste whilst encouraging the breath to help balance your mind and soul.”

Laura’s co-founder Catherine Meardon’s motivation to establish MOi + ME came from seeing how friends had been affected by anxiety and realising how many people were suffering. People you wouldn’t expect.

With the name inspired by many people who are often affected by anxiety, ‘MOi’ represents the side of a person being eaten up with anxiety and hiding the guilt, while their ‘ME’ side is telling everyone they are fine and in control.

Despite mental health being a much more accepted subject than ever before, Catherine understands that many people still struggle to open up, don’t fully understand what they are suffering with, and don’t know where to turn for help.

Wanting to do her bit to help women in need, Catherine wants to build a brand that doesn’t just offer high-quality products to support personal wellbeing, but to also offer expert tools, tips and advice.

She also hopes that as a brand, they can remove the confusion surrounding CBD through their quality products that can be used throughout day-to-day life.

Discover MOi + ME products here.

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