Get all 8 B vitamins in one daily supplement

Jan de Vries is on a roll… introducing yet another great new supplement to its range

Its new B-Complex One A Day tablets provide comprehensive B vitamin support in a convenient, single-dose daily tablet.

B vitamins are water-soluble, which means your body doesn’t store them and needs to source them on a daily basis.

They play a vital role in many aspects of health and wellbeing, and are especially important for energy and immune support.

They also contribute to normal psychological function and the maintenance of normal skin.

Although recognised for their role in energy metabolism, each individual B vitamin helps to encourage a wide variety of functions throughout the body, from muscle support to hormone production.

Jan de Vries B-Complex packs all eight B vitamins, including vitamins B1, B6, folic acid and B12, into a handy one-a-day tablet.

It’s one of five new supplements in the Jan de Vries range of natural and holistic healthcare products.

Also suitable for vegetarians, Jan de Vries B-Complex One A Day costs £8.00 for 60 tablets and is available from health stores nationwide and online here.

Don’t forget, you can also pick up a free copy of Good Health, Wellbeing & The Great Outdoors from Jan de Vries stores Scotland-wide.

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