Help your child connect with nature this season with a Holly Berry tree

Get your child’s Christmas growing with a Holly Berry tree. Not only will it help them get into the festive spirit, but they’ll be learning how to care for a living plant and doing their bit for the environment too

Holly Berry Trees are potted mini-trees for children to grow, care for, decorate and finally plant in the garden.

Or, when Christmas is over, they can keep their tree in a pot in the garden or on the balcony and care for it for the rest of the year until it is time to bring it back inside – hopefully bigger and better – when the festivities start again.

The business is the brainchild of Catherine Loveless, who in a world of increasing technology and screen time, wanted children to be able to connect with nature while engaging with a magical, new Christmas character.

Enter Holly Berry, who lives next door to Father Christmas and grows the trees in her garden with her friends, Molly Mistletoe and Timmy Tinsel.

When December comes, Holly Berry posts out the trees – complete with lights, decorations and reindeer poop (compost) for all the children!

“We felt it was magical as well as being a little bit educational as it involves learning how to care for something that is living,” says Catherine.

An illustrated book – A Year in the life of a Holly Berry Tree – which highlights the environment and how a tree is grown, while expanding on the story of Holly Berry with activities and pictures to colour in – is also available.

“It’s magical to hear of the delight in children when they are presented with a Holly Berry tree,” says Catherine.

“They love having their own tree to name and decorate and being able to look after something that can grow with them throughout the year.

“I set up the business three years ago and some customers send me yearly updates of how their trees are maturing. 

“Although Holly Berry trees are aimed at children my customers are from all age groups as people send to friends and family, and I’ve had a surprisingly large number of orders for sustainable gifts for corporate clients.”

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