Be bright, be seen and save the world in MFB Activewear!

Welcome to MFB Activewear, the most colourful, fun, stylish and functional leggings you could own

And the best bit is… every pair of MFB Angels is made from recycled fabrics, so not only will you look amazing, you ARE amazing by purchasing a pair, as you’re helping to save our wonderful planet!

Below is MFB’s three-prong eco attack, which the team is massively passionate about:


Every single pair of leggings is made up of an enormous 20 plastic bottles. Yes, you read it right, 20 bottles!


MFB has worked hard to find the right partner to work with to bring you the perfect packaging!

And we think they’ve done just that! MFB’s funky leggings are going to be sent to you in packaging that is completely compostable – within one year, at home!

Or, where this isn’t possible (which is the tiniest bit!) it’s 100% recycled and recyclable.

3. ONE TREE PLANTED for each pair sold!

Every pair of MFB leggings sold will have a tree planted in its honour!

The team at MFB are firm believers that their printed leggings should do their bit for the planet.

With the help of Ecologi, the MFB Forest is rapidly growing. Together, they have planted more than 1,000 trees in less than a year and, with every pair of funky leggings sold, it will get even bigger. It’s time to start giving back!

1 pair of leggings = 1 tree

MFB’s absolutely gorgeous high waisted gym leggings can brighten every aspect of your life. You can wear them literally anywhere you want!

They have a handy zip pocket for your card,keys or phone, so you can keep your essentials close by!

Designed to cater for all shapes and sizes, we’re confident you’ re all going to love them as much as we do!

For colourful sports leggings, shop at MFB Activewear

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