7 ways to help prevent type 2 diabetes

Diabetes puts lives at risk and is something you definitely want to avoid

But before going into the prevention of diabetes, let’s discuss what causes it…

How does diabetes occur?

In a healthy individual, the pancreas secretes insulin into the bloodstream to enable glucose (sugar) to get into the cells where it’s needed for energy.

This helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood (high blood sugar is catastrophic). As your blood sugar level drops, so does insulin secretion.

Pre-diabetes, which leads to type 2 diabetes, occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin and the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to overcome the resistance.

The cause of Insulin resistance is often linked with too much bombardment of the bloodstream with sugar and insulin.

When there is too much insulin all the time because of excess sugar, the body sort of gets used to it and becomes more or less indifferent to its effect.

Glucose is no longer removed from the bloodstream as it should, and it accumulates in the blood, leading to high blood pressure and all the risks that come with it.

Typically, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases with age. As a young person, you can take measures to prevent your body from becoming insulin-resistant over time.

Below are things to start doing today to prevent diabetes later in life.

7 ways to help prevent type 2 diabetes

1.            Work out regularly

Exercising regularly can help prevent diabetes.

Research on pre-diabetic patients shows that exercise increased insulin sensitivity by 51-85%. But this effect only came on the days they worked out. Since that’s the case, then you want to make exercise a regular habit.

If you cannot always lift weights, moderate-intensity workouts like aerobics (jogging, swimming, and walking) for about 30 minutes a day can help you prevent diabetes. You just need to do it frequently.

2.            Lose weight

Type 2 diabetes is strongly linked to being overweight. Although not every diabetic patient is overweight, the presence of excess fatty tissues promotes insulin resistance.

If you’re overweight, finding ways to lose weight fast becomes expedient.

Did you know that people with type 2 diabetes tend to have excess fat in their abdomen?

Excess abdominal or visceral fat promotes insulin resistance which leads to type 2 diabetes.

Methods such as the Chloe Ting Two Week Shred can quickly overturn your risk of type 2 diabetes by burning fat fast.

The Chloe Ting Two Weeks Shred is highly effective for burning stomach fat and even developing abs within two weeks.

Get into a weight loss routine and stick to it to ensure those fatty tissues do not ruin your chance for happy aging.

3.            Eat fewer carbs

A keto or low-carb diet is an effective way to prevent diabetes.

The more carbs you consume, the more calories (sugar) get into your system, and your blood sugar levels become higher.

Consistently doing this will make your cells less resistant to insulin. Your pancreas may no longer be able to produce enough insulin to remove the glucose from your blood.

Choose your food wisely. If you want to prevent diabetes, eat a high protein, very low-carb diet. By reducing your carb intake, your blood sugar levels won’t rise so much. Your body would therefore require less insulin to handle it.

4.            Drink more water instead of soda

Most soda and energy drinks contain very high amounts of calories. They load up your bloodstream with sugar, and you’d therefore require high amounts of insulin to get them into your cells.

This becomes a problem over time.

One study discovered a 20% increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes in people who consumed over two servings of sugar-sweetened beverages per day.

Sugary drinks like soda are directly linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Rather than resorting to such beverages when thirty, make water your best friend because it really is. Water is the best natural beverage you’ll ever find.

It promotes metabolism, boosts cell health, and doesn’t flood your blood with calories.

5.            Reduce how much you eat per time

Whether you follow a low-carb diet or not, it’s crucial to avoid consuming too much food at once to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.

That’s because eating too much at one serving increases blood sugar and insulin levels immediately. Conversely, reducing your portion size will help reduce your risk of diabetes, especially if you’re already at risk of it.

6.            Quit smoking

Smoking is directly linked with type 2 diabetes, according to research. So this is one thing you want to avoid or quit to prevent diabetes. Even second-hand smoke exposure increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, to show how serious it is.

One research was conducted on middle-aged male smokers after they quit. After five years, their risk of developing diabetes decreased by 13%.

7.            Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

It’s crucial to avoid a sedentary lifestyle if you desire to prevent diabetes.

People who sit more throughout the day are at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

The less active you get, the more sugar has a chance to accumulate in your blood, the more your risk of becoming insulin resistant.

Movement significantly helps to promote fat burn because your body requires energy to move. So you use up glucose and glycogen in your body when you move about.

Changing your sedentary habit by standing up and walking around for a bit goes a long way to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Bottom line

Although some diseases have no cure, they can be prevented. Type 2 diabetes is a very good example.

Taking steps to prevent diabetes—such as exercising regularly and consuming fewer carbs—will go a long way in helping you avoid many health challenges during your older years. Start today.

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