Change career in 2022 – become a Health Coach with CNM!

Graduate Lauren Lewis, who is a classically trained actor, shares her experience of studying with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) and of her new career as a health coach

A health coach is trained to view health as a formula, and that formula is made up of different areas of a client’s life, such as their nutrition, physical activity, relationships and personal goals.

They work with clients to help them identify and change these 5 key areas to dramatically improve their overall health.

CNM’s Health Coach Training has been developed to meet the increasing demand for health coaches within the health and wellness sector.

It has also helped me personally. After 15 years of struggling with my own body, I was finally able to heal and felt it was time to pass along my knowledge and share the gift of health with others.

I found learning about the bodily systems fascinating. Actually, that was one of the things that stood out to me compared to other health coaching courses.

Very few other courses focused on knowing the body’s systems and how they all work together.

Studing with CNM has changed my life. I am now able to pass along my knowledge and first hand experiences to those who are struggling with their own health issues, with a grounded and strong foundation built by CNM.

I have been seeing clients from all over the world on Zoom these past few years, helping people overcome a wide range of issues.

I specialise in helping people with chronic illness, weight loss and weight management, healing from food fear and finding a healthy way to exist in these strange times we have all collectively found ourselves in.

My clients are based far and wide, from California to London, Australia to Switzerland, Germany and Canada.

I am so grateful I have been able to work with people over Zoom during our global quarantine, helping spread calm and reassurance during these trying times.

I come up with personalised protocols for my clients, help them navigate supplements and exercise and could not have done any of this without the foundation given to me by CNM.

CNM Health Coaches are trained in How the Body Works, Nutrition, Fitness, Coaching, Business, Promotion and Marketing. Practical experience is built into each module so that every skill taught is also practised. 

This practical element of the CNM Health Coach Training makes sure that confidence in the application of skills is developed as well as knowledge.

This course is suitable for anyone looking to enter the health coach profession.

The CNM Health Coach diploma course can lead to many different careers. You can work on your own, with health professionals coaching their clients or coaching corporate clients.

Health Coaches are employed throughout the public and private sector, where they see clients in 1-2-1, group and workshop settings. 

Health Coaches can give lectures, public talks and publish articles and books as well as build a strong social media presence.

Existing health and wellness professionals such as nutritional therapists, herbalists, nurses, doctors, fitness instructors or wellness professional can expand their business and value to their clients by adding health coaching to their service.

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Pictured: Health Coach Lauren Lewis


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