Don’t let the allergens in your Christmas tree spoil the festive fun

Trusted airborne allergens expert Max Wiseberg gives his top tips to help sufferers of Christmas Tree Syndrome

Decorating for Christmas is usually a fun and creative experience, but for some people it can trigger unpleasant, hay fever-like symptoms

Christmas Tree Syndrome, as it’s known, is caused by tiny allergens that are hiding in your Christmas tree.

“A team of scientists from Upstate Medical University analysed clippings from 28 Christmas trees including needles and bark, from a range of species, and found that they housed an unbelievable 53 different types of mould,” says Max.

“Plus pollen from other trees also gets lodged in the bark. And there can be allergens such as dust and mould present on synthetic trees too.

“This combination of allergens can make Christmas tree decorating a real misery. But there are things you can do to help lessen your allergic reaction.

“Hose down your tree before taking it into the house, or after getting it out of storage, as this can help remove some of the mould and spores – though it’s probably best to get someone who isn’t allergic to do this!

“Take care when you’re decorating your tree, or get someone else to do it, as allergens will be disturbed as you move the tree into position and move the branches to hang the decorations and position the lights.

“Put your tree up as late as possible to help minimise the risk of exposure to mould.”

“Regularly apply an organic allergen barrier balm such as HayMax around your nostrils to help stop the allergens getting up your nose.

“HayMax organic, drug-free allergen barrier balm has been proven in independent studies to trap both indoor and outdoor airborne allergens from entering the body.

“If this keeps a sufferer below their trigger level, they will have no allergic reaction.

“Use an air purifier to help clear the air of mould particles. Damp dust and vacuum regularly.

“Keep cuddly toys and blankets in a cupboard to prevent the build-up of allergens on them.

“Keep animals clean and well groomed, to reduce allergens from their fur. And keep them out of your bedroom.”

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