6 ways to overcome holiday anxiety

Are you anxious and dreading going home this holiday season?

We can understand the complexity of family dynamics and want to help you tackle this year-end!

This blog has all the tips you could need to address your anxiety and have a conflict-free holiday with the people you love most!

Want to know what’s in store? Keep reading below to know all about it!

  • Set Healthy Boundaries: Uncomfortable topics broached at the dinner table is a staple of the holiday season.

We see a lot of people who would prefer to skip festive meals altogether than be put into the spot by others questioning their lifestyle choices, career moves, marital status or when they are going to have a baby.

While avoiding the problematic relatives may seem to be a good plan, you’re also depriving yourself of a good time with the ones with whom you get along.

Instead of hiding away, the next time someone tries to go into a topic you don’t want to be broached, set your boundaries and stick to them.

  • Have a Good Diet: A good diet has a huge role to play with your mental health and levels of anxiety.

Since there is a lesser amount of sunlight during the colder months, we advise readers to complete their share of the D3 supply and real chill anxiety supplement to keep their wits.

These help you diminish the loss of serotonin and keep anxious feelings at bay,

  • Work with Your Therapist: If you have a therapist that you visit, working with them to come up with a solid plan to tackle the holiday season without confrontations, awkwardness or downright drama will help.

Therapists know all about family dynamics, especially toxic ones.

If you’re a new mother, an experienced mom or a mom attempting to get pregnant, having these strategies in place will help you evade uncomfortable questions and still have a great holiday.

  • Get Some Exercise: Physical exercise is closely linked to recovering from depression and anxiety.

The rush of hormones can give you a feeling of rejuvenation, wellbeing and confidence.

Also, exercise is one of the easiest ways to take control of your life and manage one thing at a time. Don’t skip out on your morning jogs or evening sessions during the winters!

  • Script Your Conversations: Have you ever been in a room with people who love to trigger you?

Well, that’s the story of many anxious people; bullies in the family or hometown know your triggers best and love to push buttons.

In such instances, scripting your conversations with prepared answered will give you the feeling of predictability, even regarding rude and inquisitive questions

  • Establish a Routine: Have a routine even during the holidays so that you can keep yourself reasonably occupied with something to look forward to and do other than think about worst-case scenarios. Meditate or journal to start with!

With these six tips and tricks, you will be able to ace not just vacation anxiety, but also anxiety in general life.

Remember that the problem looks much worse when you haven’t planned to tackle it. These pieces of advice will help you take care of that and be prepared!

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