Liposomal technology – the gold standard in health supplements

Elena Lena of LemonWellMed, which specialises in nutritional supplements and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic devices discusses cutting-edge health technology – aka liposomal supplements.

When we think of new technology, our minds are often drawn to machines – the latest smartphone, eco-friendly transportation, AI, and robotics, but what about new innovations in health?

During the previous 18 months or so, many people have taken a greater interest in their health and are seeking out new and different approaches to preventative health.

Let’s not wait until we are sick and have to treat the issue but take a more proactive approach and find ways to boost our body’s defences.

Elena Lena, Lemon WellMed

You have likely taken at least one vitamin or mineral supplement in your lifetime, but you may not be aware that the body can sometimes struggle to absorb the ingredients in a tablet.

This measure of absorption efficacy is known as bioavailability. Therein lies a tricky problem for manufacturers.

To provide an effective dose of the vitamin or mineral to the cells that need it, it is often necessary to create tablets with larger doses due to low bioavailability.

This absorption problem decreases the efficacy and increases the cost of the supplement.

Larger doses of vitamins and minerals may also place unhelpful strain on the liver and kidneys.

Liposomal supplements work differently

Many years of medical research have led to the development of liposomal supplements.

These smart supplements have the active ingredient enclosed in a lipid layer (the liposome) which protects the vitamin or mineral from the harsh environment of the stomach allowing almost complete absorption into the blood.

In addition, because the liposome is identical in composition to the body’s cells, the lipid layer is also utilised by the body helping to repair cell walls – effectively there is no waste product.

This innovative delivery system shows remarkable results, supported by dozens of research studies, enhancing bioavailability.

But not all liposomal supplements are created equal either.

Some liposomal supplements containing liquid based liposomes have been manufactured using heat and/or high pressure and chemicals are added for stability.

Some dry or powder-form liposomes have a similar production process.

These manufacturing processes can damage the ingredients leading to inferior, less pure and less effective products.

Why does this matter?

The powder-form liposomal supplements developed by UK-based company Vitamunda using LipoCellTech technology are unique liposomal supplements that contain only the vitamins or minerals and the phospholipid layer.

Vitamunda, a preferred partner for LemonWellMed, is committed to producing the purest supplements without flavourings or preservatives, making their products highly beneficial and safe for all.

This innovative technology pushes the bioavailability to around 95%, up to 20 times that of some traditional supplements.

Commonly asked questions

Why should I spend more on liposomal supplements?

Liposomal supplements are generally more expensive that traditional supplements.

However, because they are much more effective at delivering the vitamins or minerals to the cells that need them, they produce far superior results.

When you realise that for some supplements only 5% of the ingredient is absorbed by the body, you can immediately see the value of the products.

How do I take liposomal supplements?

Dry, powder-form liposomal supplements come in capsule form and are taken in the same way as any other supplement you might use. Consume with a meal and plenty of water.

Which liposomal supplements should I consider?

Naturally, this depends on which body system you are wanting to support and whether you have conditions which might benefit from additional supplementation with highly bioavailable vitamins or minerals.

During the winter months, certainly in the UK, our bodies lack Vitamin D which is vital for a strong immune system, teeth, and bones as well as heart health and improved mood, so I would recommend putting this one high on your list.

To help your body fight the winter bugs, of course, add Vitamin C to your daily regimen.

If you are looking for an all-around boost, the multi vitamin and mineral formulation would be the perfect option for you.

Containing 17 vitamins and minerals with the unprecedented efficacy, this is the Rolls Royce of liposomal supplementation.

Are Vitamunda liposomal supplements suitable for vegans?

All Vitamunda’s liposomal supplements are suitable for vegans with the exception of the multi vitamin which is OK for vegetarians but not vegans.

Where can I buy the products?

All Vitamunda liposomal supplements are available for single orders or bulk purchases with special offers at Lemon WellMed.

What guarantees are offered by Lemon WellMed for these supplements?

LemonWellMed has done due diligence to ensure that all Vitamunda products are developed in-house according to GMP and HACCP standards.

The in-house manufacture allows Vitamunda to ensure that all products contain only pure and active ingredients.

For more information about how liposomal technology works, click here.

Lemon WellMed’s vision is for a world where everyone enjoys life to the full by being as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

The company supports individuals to adopt healthy choices and healthcare practitioners to provide innovative treatments for optimum health every day. Visit the website here.

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