Harness the healing power of frankincense

From the Three Wise Men to skincare preparations, the Boswellia tree has played the hero throughout history. Now Shehbaz Khan is expanding our modern understanding of the ‘king of oils’      

Shehbaz Khan is a man steeped in the wonders of frankincense.

For the past 12 years he has immersed himself in learning everything there is to know about this resin with super healing qualities.  

Frankincense is tapped from the Boswellia tree and has been treasured as a medicine for thousands of years.

It’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic as well as astringent and has anti-aging properties.

It’s even being studied for use in cancer treatment, and it’s still burned in spiritual and religious ceremonies all over the world. 

“I believe this ancient medicine, is perfect for this time, especially with what is happening around the world,” says Shebhaz, who runs The Frankincense Store.

“One of the biggest issues we are hearing is people feeling anxious. Frankincense is one of the best tools to help boost our mood and heal the heart.”

Sustainable harvesting  

The traditional method of harvesting frankincense by tapping the trees twice a year makes it a sustainable resource.

It’s an ethos reflected throughout the business, from product and packaging to people.      

The trees grow mostly across southern Arabia and north east Africa, but Shehbaz sources the best frankincense from Oman which he sorts into 14 grades rather than the traditional three.  

Working with frankincense in this way allows him to gain an understanding of the vibrational frequency of each resin, of how and when to use it.

“There is a generic attribute to all frankincense. It’s a mood lifter, it creates positive energy and it’s calming,” he says.

“But when you go further into each of the grades, you start to feel different vibrations from each one.

“It’s as if the resins talk to me, and unleash their secrets. 

“The green frankincense is the finest and rarest variety – Boswellia sacra. When it’s taken internally, it’s very effective for a variety of illnesses such as cancers and improving the respiratory system.

“Another grade is rich in collagen, the yellow is used as a daily medicine and others are more for meditation.”  

Healing the heart 

Frankincense has a profound spiritual and otherworldly connection.

“Historically, it was a gift for the gods and people would burn it just as it is, as a resin,” says Shebhaz.

“Now, if we look at essential oils, everyone talks about frankincense as the king of essential oils.

“All around the world people use it to heal themselves and experience a relaxed sensation.” 

And then there’s the special combination of frankincense and myrrh. 

“When you burn them together, it creates a feeling of equilibrium. We become more centred, more focused, more Zen. It also heals the heart.  

“Frankincense and myrrh together release the memory of trauma from the heart.

“We have witnessed people crying as they start to release the suffering attached to the heart just from the smell of frankincense and myrrh.  

Shehbaz believes that this alchemical blend was deeply symbolic in the Christmas story.

“Look at Jesus’s message to the world, the message of love. How can we love another when we don’t love ourselves?

“So, I believe the three wise men, the magi, gave these symbolic gifts, along with gold, to help this message spread through the world.” 

Spiritual tradition 

He’d love to bring that sensibility back to Christmas celebrations.

“Let’s just bring back that tradition of what Christmas was truly about.

“I think we should bring back some humility and sacredness to the meaning of Christmas, followed by the Epiphany, because we are entering a new world the Age of Aquarius where all traditions and celebrations are slowly going to be fading away.  

“But some traditions should still be kept alive. And if that’s burning frankincense and myrrh on Christmas Day, then so be it.

“Because we know it brings a lot of peace, tranquility and love into our hearts. What a better way to celebrate this Christmas?” 

To help you do just that, The Frankincense Store is selling frankincense and myrrh resin in a gold tin this holiday season – the perfect stocking filler made with love.  

Dive into the world of frankincense and choose from the whole range of grades and types at The Frankincense Store.

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After all, it’s not Christmas without frankincense.

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