Expert nutrition tips to help you through Veganuary

Experienced nutritionist Kim Pearson shares her top tips for Veganuary success!

Breaking a hit-record, over 582,000 people took part in Veganuary at the start of 2021 and numbers are set to reach even higher this January.

Whether you’ve already dabbled in a vegan diet or are have set the goal and going vegan for the first month of 2022, here are some top tips from Kim Pearson, a qualified nutritionist with more than 15 years’ experience…

#1 Eat meals based on wholefoods

Contrary to what some might think, not all vegan food is automatically healthy.

While the meat-free market is booming, which is great for those taking part in Veganuary, with so many options of plant-based ready meals it can make be easy to rely on processed foods.

Kim suggests avoiding highly processed foods and instead, cooking from scratch using wholefoods as much as possible.

Making meals from single ingredient foods that have been processed as little as possible and are free from artificial additives will be much better for you. 

#2 eat balanced meals

Kim suggests rather than simply structuring meals around starchy carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice
or noodles, make sure to have meals that are well balanced, providing protein, healthy fats and sources of fibre.

While meat, fish and eggs are well known sources of protein, vegans can opt for lentils, chickpeas, pulses, tofu or good quality protein powders to get their intake.

Healthy fats include olive and coconut oils or avocado, while fibre can be found in most fruit and veg as well as pulses and whole grains like oats. 

#3 Watch out for nutrients that could be lacking

It is possible to get the nutrients we need from a plant-based diet, but it can take more work to ensure you don’t end up deficient.

For example, while some nuts and seeds contain omega-3 fats, they’re not converted to the active forms (DHA and EPA) which the body uses. 

Kim recommends functional testing and taking supplements based on what you are personally lacking.

While vitamin D levels are commonly deficient across the UK population in general due to lack of sunlight, this is even more so amongst those on a vegan diet as the natural food sources of vitamin D come from animals (for example, dairy, eggs or fish).

So, while everyone should be taking vitamin D throughout the autumn and winter months, it might be worth taking this all year round for vegans.

Another vitamin that is harder to obtain on a vegan diet is B12, found mostly in animal products. 

B12 is crucial in keeping the blood and nerve cells healthy, so a supplement can be a quick, cost-friendly go-to for those on a vegan diet.

5 plant-based products to support your wellbeing

Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic B12 

Providing a tailored dose via a metered dropper, these drops help to improve metabolic function including enzyme production, DNA synthesis, hormone balance, healthy nerve and cardiovascular function.

Trace Minerals suggests taking 1ml daily and adding to juice, food or straight as desired

Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Zinc 

With liquid zinc being the form most recognised by the body, these rich concentrated drops are essential for growth and physical development and also support a healthy immune system.

To take, drop 0.5-1.25ml into water, juice or food once daily and due to the concentration of this product, it’s
recommended to be taken on a full stomach

Four Sigmatic Protein Powder 

100% vegan and easy to use, this versatile plant-based drink suits all lifestyles and diet preferences and can be taken alone or added to meals for a protein kick.

Helping to elevate daily routines and overall wellness, the collection blends functional mushrooms and adaptogens to go way beyond simply helping muscle-repair post-workout

Urtekram Wild Lemongrass Body Lotion 

Setting the goal & going vegan for the month isn’t just about what you put into your body but also what you put on it too.

Thanks to Urtekram, a vegan-friendly skincare routine is a simple lifestyle swap with long-lasting positive effects on both human and earth.

Each of its products are vegan, natural and certified organic by Ecocert to COSMOS standards.

For a much-needed energy boost in the morning, try this body lotion which is cleansing and softening with an uplifting scent.

Dr. Bronner’s Cherry Blossom Bar Soap 

Designed for hair, skin and even face, this multi-use 100% natural and vegan soap will sweeten up any skincare regime.

Not only that, it’s millennial pink aesthetic also makes it super shelfie worthy!

Inspired by the Japanese national flower, this soap combines organic certified and fair-trade certified coconut, olive and hemp oils, pampering the skin with a moisturising, soft and smooth lather.

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