5 techniques to take your home workout to the next level

It’s not always possible to get to your nearest gym, especially these days

For those that rely on their local gym for a routine, it can be hard to motivate yourself when you suddenly find yourself having to work out from home.

The good news is that home workouts can have the same results as even the heaviest gym workout.

If your facilities are more limited and you’re struggling with a new way of exercising, taking your home workouts to a whole new level might be easier than you think.

Just like your gym workout, as long as your home workout follows the same pattern of focus, structure and progression, it can only be effective.

Here’s how to get more out of your home workouts by levelling up how much they can do for you.

1. The equipment problem

Lack of equipment is the main barrier that prevents even the most ardent gym goer from giving it their all when working out at home.

While all of those useful bits of gym kit are missing in your home, the fact is that you simply don’t need it.

Body-weight exercise allows you to work on different muscle groups and can help you burn your calories without having so many different exercises to do in your routine.

You’ll need to make sure that you’re using the proper form for each exercise to avoid injury, but body-weight exercises can be an effective alternative to expensive gym equipment.

Don’t forget that if you do need some weights, you don’t have to splash out on expensive gear.

Lots of gym-weight alternatives for your home are available. Water bottles are the perfect substitute for dumbbells, and the weight soon adds up if you bundle them together in carrier bags!

2. Set goals

It’s a proven fact that setting goals leads to more motivation, improved self-confidence, better self-esteem and even higher levels of autonomy.

Goal-setting and success go hand in hand, so what better way to level up your home workouts than by setting goals?

You likely have your personal goals set for the gym, but those are often overlooked or dismissed when you make the move to home workouts.

Don’t fall into that trap. When you give yourself something tangible to aim for, you’ll find that your motivation becomes much easier to maintain.

There’s also the fact that by setting fitness targets, you make it easier to track your health goals after every workout.

That will let you see how you’re progressing (or not), which will only benefit your next workout.

3. Remember the cardio

Let’s face it, for most of us, it’s the cardio part of the gym that is the least exciting.

Far too many of even the most dedicated gym addicts will skip cardio because they can’t wait to get to the arm curl or the chest fly.

It should go without saying that cardio is just as important as muscle gains. Remember, your heart is a muscle too.

While the results of a good cardio workout might be invisible, the fact is that your cardio work can help to lower your blood pressure, improve your brain function, boost your mood and can even help regulate your blood sugar.

So don’t dismiss your cardio workouts at home. Stick to HIIT training or just go for a good walk before you start working out your muscle groups.

4. Meal prep

The debate over whether to eat before a workout has been going on forever.

While there are undeniable benefits to stocking up on carbs before exercise (longer sessions and more energy), most people overlook what to eat after a workout.

If you’re planning to exercise first thing in the morning, make sure that you have a healthy breakfast ready to go as soon as you’ve finished your warm-down.

That could be a shelf of frozen fruit ready to be thrown into the blender or a bowl’s worth of oats left overnight.

When you’re working out from home (or from the gym), you can level up your workouts simply by making smarter-choice, post-workout meals.

You’re going to want food that’s high in protein (so that your muscles can start to rebuild faster), but carbs are also going to be valuable for restocking glycogen.

Try to eat between 15 and 30 minutes after your warm-down for maximum impact.

5. Buddy up

It’s easier to be motivated when there’s more than one of you working out.

If you live with others who are missing the gym, try working out at home together.

The temptation to skip a session can be readily avoided if there are others in your home encouraging you to go for it!

For those that live alone or with people who would rather chill on the sofa than get active, consider how many people are now used to using video calls for work and leisure.

You can use those video calls to have a virtual workout with your gym buddies, even if the gym is not an option.

When you get support from friends and family that are keen to work out with you, you’ll find that you’ll push harder, go faster and level up your home workout.

Workout at home: Levelling up couldn’t be easier

If you’re used to going to the gym but, for whatever reason, it’s suddenly not possible, don’t panic.

Home workouts can be enormously beneficial, even without all of that equipment.

Create a dedicated workout space, commit to a schedule and set your targets.

With the right approach, you could find that you get more gains at home than you ever did in the gym.

When you level up your home workout, you might even find that you can cancel your gym membership entirely!

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