What have you done for your bones today?

“I’m fit and well for my age but am not complacent,” says bone health ambassador Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson has spent her career helping women to stay active and healthy. Formerly a PE teacher, she ran a women’s dance and fitness club before establishing Move it or Lose it, an award-winning training company helping older people to enjoy active, happier lives.

She then went on to create Menohealth a unique, endorsed programme that empowers women to take control of their menopause.

Julie’s passion for her work is born out of her own experience of having a hysterectomy aged 36 in 1996.

By the age of 40, Julie was in early menopause but there was no support or information available, so she just put up with the many and various symptoms.

When looking for advice on exercise, wellness and protecting bone health after this experience, she realised there was very little out there.

 “I advocate a combination of exercise, good nutrition and community support and am always keeping an eye out for natural therapies I can trust and recommend to my members,” says Julie.

“When I came across the Marodyne LiV device I was intrigued but couldn’t hand-on-heart recommend it until I’d tried it myself.

“Regular use of the device keeps your bone health top-of-mind.”

Julie enjoys the sensation of the Marodyne LiV device and uses it daily to complement her regular fitness routine. 

“I find the gentle vibrations very pleasant and the 10 minutes pass quickly.

“I’m always on the go and busy so like the fact the Marodyne LiV device makes me stand still for a while – but I can still check emails or answer messages while using it.” 

Julie’s work centres on matching physical activity to stages of life. 

Her Menohealth programme is aimed at women going through menopause, mainly in their 40s and 50s while her Move it or Lose it programme is for older people and those with osteoporosis, typically in their 60s and 70s.

 “What I love about the Marodyne LiV device is its versatility and the fact you can safely use it from mid-life to later life. I like the idea of doing something good for your bones each day and regular use of the device keeps your bone health top-of-mind.”

Working with scientists and academic experts in healthy ageing, Julie translates the latest research into practical applications.

She has developed a Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) endorsed training programme called FABS (Flexibility, Aerobic, Balance and Strength) combining exercises which are proven to reduce frailty and help people to live longer.

Julie considers the Marodyne LiV device to be an ideal practical solution for people that sits alongside her advice for keeping active and healthy.

Her work is wholly based on people’s trust so she will never recommend or suggest anything she hasn’t tried herself and researched fully. 

 “At the moment, I’m fit and well for my age but am not complacent.

“I’m using the Marodyne LiV device to protect my bone health and can see myself using it long into the future to support my bones as I age.”

Get in touch with the MyBones team for more information on the Marodyne LiV Device.

Email info@mybones.health or call 0117 253 0400.

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