Roller skating – this Summer’s hottest wellness trend?

Mooted to be one of the biggest wellness trends of the summer, roller skating has lots of mental and physical health benefits

At it’s most basic, getting outside can:

– Boost vitamin D levels – a small amount of time spent in the sun close to midday in particular will boost levels of this hard to get vitamin

– Lower blood pressure – nitric oxide present in the skin responds to the sun’s rays by widening blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure

– Improve sleep – sunlight and fresh air help regulate the body’s temperature and circadian rhythm, leading to deeper and more restful sleep.

Add to that learning a new skill, which can:

Help protect against mental ageing – learning a new skill forces the brain to create new neural pathways, encouraging “neuroplasticity” and combating dementia

– Increase energy levels – the “feel-good” chemical dopamine is released as you learn, which in turn increases the body’s energy levels, as well as feelings of self-confidence

Foster connection with others – new skills make you a more interesting person, and you may even find people to learn alongside

Skating has also never been so colourful (another mood-booster). Just take a look at some of the latest 70s-inspired roller skate releases from Impala.

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