Bathe your aches and pains away with this soothing Arnica Muscle Soak

Joint and muscle pain affects us all from time to time – whether it’s from sitting hunched over our laptops, vigorous weeding in the garden, lifting heavy bags in the warehouse, or working out

In fact, searches for ‘How To Stop Muscle Pain After Work Out’ Have Increased By 300% according to Google Trends Data (April 2022) – suggesting this type of pain may be even more common in recent years.

Joint and muscle pain related searches appear rife, as consumer demand through Google searches remains constantly high since the start of the pandemic.

At some point, joint and muscle pain can bother us all.  

There are several possible causes of muscle pain that include (but are not limited to) onset muscular soreness post workout, a long-Covid symptom, lack of mobility since working from home or lifestyle changes, hereditary reasons, a condition such as arthritis, or a side-effect from  stress and your general wellbeing.

As both joint and muscle pain are common (according to Government Data, England is the highest country in the UK with 30.1% of the population suffering from musculoskeletal health pain), it’s important to take care of your joints and muscles at all the different stages of our lives.

While there are many causes of muscle and joint pain, here are some ways you can support and help recover your joints and muscles with the the trending popular search – post workout.

Some techniques people use to soothe sore muscles and joints include:

•Rest periods in between exercise

•Stretching before and after a workout


•Anti-inflammatory medications

•Heat therapy and cold compression/immersion

You could also try SBC Skincare’s new Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak, which not only smells great – it really does the trick.

A generous amount poured into a warm, running bath makes for a luxurious soak to lift muscular tension and fatigue.

It’s reassuringly bubbly and especially beneficial after strenuous activity, so is ideal for anyone who exercises regularly, enjoys gardening, or is bothered by stiffness or areas of tension.

Not only is it great for creating an at-home spa experience, you can use it as a compress on a warm, wet towel to ease tension and pain from over exertion or bumps and falls.

How does it work?

The soak is an indulgent blend of comforting Arnica, sensual Sandalwood, and soothing Turmeric with a sophisticated aroma to calm, soothe and relieve stress within body and mind.

A botanical extract derived from the flower heads of the Arnica Montana Plant, Arnica is a well-known, traditional herbal remedy with exceptional healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


From the Sandalwood tree, Sandalwood oil has a sensual, deep aroma which can help to lift the mood, calm the mind and enhance mental clarity.

The extract also helps to balance and calm the skin while soothing fatigued muscles.


Finally, Turmeric – which has been used medicinally in India for centuries – is naturally soothing, and is known to help relax muscular tension, calm inflammation, and help maintain healthy-looking skin.

You might also like Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Rescue Spritz, which is great for spritzing on hard-to-reach areas, such as the shoulder blades.

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