Everything you need to find your feet and get into running

Running has several physical and mental benefits and is an excellent way to keep fit and feel mentally better about yourself

In other words, you can simultaneously get into shape and ease your mind when running, either on your own or with friends.

Even better, you can meet new friends and socialise with others, all whilst getting fit and reaching new goals.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to start a new running routine either – all you need is the right motivation and courage to find your feet, and perhaps a comfy pair of running trainers.

With that said, there are some great tips to make getting into running that bit easier, with the top four as follows:

Find the motivation

There are numerous reasons why many individuals partake in running, whether it is to get fit and stay in shape, or to socialise with friends and positively impact your mental wellbeing.

Having a reason for running can be the biggest motivation, even if you’re just doing it for fun.

Finding a running partner or friend to run with can also keep you motivated as you can both boost each other with support.

If you can’t find the motivation to leave the house when it is cold and dark, don’t fret – you can run inside!

If the weather is poor, running on a treadmill is a great alternative, and for many it is typically easier than running outside.

Of course, investing in a treadmill or gym membership can be costly, but there are several refurbished treadmills available on the market to get you on your feet and running, without breaking the bank.

Stick to routine but remember to mix it up

You should keep your running schedule similar each day so that you can measure your progress.

You can do this by running at similar times of the day, taking similar routes that you enjoy, and listening to the same music.

However, if you begin to lose motivation, you can try mixing things like your running music and routes up a little bit, and you may find a new lease of life.

Develop a running plan

Sticking to a reasonable running plan, rather than overthinking it, can help you progress faster.

Avoid burnout by being realistic and not pushing yourself too hard, too fast, and too soon.

If you’re currently a somewhat experienced runner and in pretty good shape, there are a plethora of online training regimens, podcasts, applications, and articles available to help you find your feet again.

For complete beginners, there are also a wide range of beginners’ programs available.

Just remember, although running may seem simple, it’s important you don’t overtrain and tire yourself out too quickly.

Don’t give up or worry if you struggle

If you find running difficult at first, keep going!

Even running pros and experts can suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time – everyone considers running difficult at some stage, whether it be at the start of or during their fitness journey.

It is completely natural for individuals to find running to be intimidating or tough at first.

But with these top tips and tricks, you will be able to find your feet and get back into running every time.

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