World-first summit to unite experts in health optimisation

The world’s first Health Optimisation Summit is set to take place later this month in London to champion a more holistic approach to preventative medicine

The event – which will run on May 28 and 29 at the city’s Business Design Centre – will bring together some of the world’s greatest minds across the biohacking, nutrition, longevity, fitness, and functional and preventative medicine fields.

According to organisers, the health industry has become a sickness industry.

More people are chronically ill and on medications than in the history of mankind.

There’s as much misinformation as there are pills for every ill, and new health ‘celebrities’, treatments, conferences, and diets have been appearing like never before.

While there are some stunning successes, generally they can be very focal, disjointed, and not tackling the issue from a high enough level

They say it’s time to centralise, join forces, and break down barriers with the Summit – with the view not to push one mindset, but to incorporate them all with the sole goal of making people healthier, using whichever mindset or ‘diet’ is best for the individual.

The event line-up is said to include 35 of the world’s “game-changing” speakers, “incredible minds” and “visionaries” each passionate about bringing their knowledge and expertise of ground-breaking science, biohacking, nutrition, longevity, fitness, functional and preventative medicine fields for health optimisation.

Highlights are set to include:

Ben Greenfield – learn the best ways to optimise your body, mind and spirit from one of the most influential people in health and fitness, as Ben reveals the secrets behind his own daily routine.

Sergey Young – get the low down on longevity with the founder of the Longevity Vision Fund as Sergey shares the seven pillars of a long life and healthspan.

Jolene Brighten – learn Jolene’s top tips for taking control of hormone imbalances and optimising your fertility.

Dr Amy Killen – hear Dr Killen discuss female sexual optimisation and how integrative and regenerative therapies can help you regain your sexual potential.

Vishen Lakhiani – the founder of Mindvalley will take you through a six-phase meditation to leave you feeling grounded, centred and help you access an altered state of mind for guidance and problem solving.

Darin Olien – the best-selling author and co-host of Netflix docuseries ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’ will speak about the fatal conveniences which are harming us and the planet and how to avoid or reduce your exposure to them.

Diana Rodgers – planet-based or meat-inclusive: which is better for your health and the planet? Get an answer to the most debated question of our time from the co-author of Sacred Cow, who is also a nutritionist and sustainability advocate.

Dr Jack Allocca – find out how to use psychedlics for better health and cognition. Covering everything from ketamine to psilocybin, you’re in for a trip!

To see the full list of speakers over the two days, click here

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