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After experiencing a sudden and life-changing stroke six years ago, radio and TV broadcaster Chris Tarrant is urging stroke survivors
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New research suggests 69% of Brits are leading an entirely sedentary lifestyle, spending an average of 11 hours and 12
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For the first time, a simple, innovative test which uses patented technology to detect the cancer biomarker MCM5 (Minichromosome Maintenance
The National Business Women's Awards are back and open for entries Organisers of the National Business Women's Awards have announced
Scotland has the second highest rate of alcohol-specific death in the UK, finds a new report The Office for National
Ten ways to beat lockdown anxiety and sleep better Lockdown is a source of stress for many people - particularly
Top horticulturist Ellen Mary has launched an online wellbeing studio to help beat the January blues. She has created an
Ashwagandha may be hard to say (ash-wa-gan-da) and little known in the UK, but it's one of the most important
Forget everything you thought you knew about Jerusalem. The Israeli city once defined by its historical and religious routes is
These days, we’re almost always connected, and lockdown has, for many, cemented that fact. We spend hours on video calls
Herbalist Keren Brynes Maclean unearths some of nature’s most potent medicines found under the canopy of Scotland’s native birch The
A new nasal spray which forms a thin layer of gel that helps trap and kill COVID-19 has launched in
We’re all feeling the effects of what is happening around the globe in one way or another right now and
It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but as the coronavirus crisis continues, concerns about our
Nootropics is the latest buzzword on the health scene, but what are they? Harley Street nutritionist Kim Pearson explains… Nootropics
Despite its beauty and drama, Scotland has become a nature-depleted nation. Our natural woodlands cover just 4% of their original
With so much of the working world moving into the home, video calling tools such as Zoom, Teams and Hangouts
If your hair is feeling weak, you are lacking willpower and you have lost your mojo in general then read
We all have the capability to be mentally fit. It’s just a case of tapping into the type of counselling
True wellbeing means much more than how often we work out and making sure we eat our five-a-day. It involves
Camille Knowles has conquered her lifelong battle with eczema through healthy and nutritious food choices - and has even penned
The British Dental Association (BDA) Scotland is warning of increased pressure on dental practices and their financial sustainability It follows
With restrictions on group gatherings and the government discouraging trick-or-treating, it’s going to be an unconventional Halloween. But deals on
Loneliness could increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new report. New research has shown for the
Somewhere along the way you will have probably been told that between 7 to 8 hours’ sleep is optimal, but
According to research, nearly 1 million women in the UK may have missed life-saving treatment after breast screening delays due to the