Hormone Helper Pulse Point Roller

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This special blend of clary sage, sage and fennel pure essential oils with jojoba is both uplifting and relaxing. Clary sage contains natural phytonutrients and has a warm, mellow, herbal scent and has been used historically to support women suffering from PMS and menopause symptoms. Sage, meanwhile, is more spicy and reknowned for its ability to heighten the senses and support metabolism. It may also help with low mood and mental fatigue. Finally, the sweet, earthy scent of fennel can be incredibly balancing and is thought to help stimulate the circulatory, glandular, respiratory and digestive systems. Fennel has also been known to promote feelings of wellbeing during the menstrual cycle. Vegan, organic and true cruelty free.

To use: Simply roll onto pulse points such as the temples and wrists.


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